AncientSometimes we hear of worthy projects for which funds are being raised, such as the Blake Society’s initiative to purchase Blake’s cottage in Felpham. Another, on a slightly smaller scale, came to our attention recently. The following is excerpted from the original message:

My name is Gaelen Armstrong – I’m a Canadian metal artist currently residing in the US. My collaborator and I are admirers of William Blake, and we’re designing a project for reproducing Blake’s Ancient of Days as large copper bas reliefs.

Our Ancient of Days will be roughly 2′ x 4′ (x 3.5″, at its greatest depth), and will be pure copper. We’ll finish them with our handmade patinas and a variety of gold, silver, and brass brushplating. Each piece will be unique and substantial. We’ve made over 150 pieces of copper art together, and we’re excited to take on Blake’s masterpiece.

We’ve created a Kickstarter campaign to cover the last few materials needed to bring the project to fruition. Though there are a variety of rewards for smaller pledges, those who pledge $1500 or more will receive their own 2′ x 4′ relief of the Ancient of Days.

As a side note, pledges on Kickstarter are noted but no funds change hands unless the project meets its funding goal by the campaign’s deadline. (So there’s no risk of supporting a project that only gets partial funding, and therefore remains unfulfilled.)

The link for the campaign is It runs until 8 May 2015.