At the end of October the Blake Archive added forty-five back issues of the Blake Quarterly to the digital archive of the journal (I wrote about the creation of this wing of the Blake Archive here). Now every issue from spring 1990 (vol. 23, no. 4) to our five-year subscription paywall is freely accessible in both HTML and PDF, with the original black-and-white images replaced where possible in the HTML versions with color images from the archive. This new batch of issues includes frequently requested articles such as Marsha Keith Schuchard’s “The Secret Masonic History of Blake’s Swedenborg Society.”

In order to celebrate we are giving away the only things we can: two one-year subscriptions to the journal, one for current subscribers and one for those who currently do not subscribe. Subscribers have access to content from the last five years, which is not accessible anywhere else.

We ask that you enter only once and that you not take part if you won our previous subscriptions giveaway. Also, those involved with the journal and the Blake Archive should probably not enter in order to avoid the appearance of impropriety (perish the thought!).

Entry requires nothing but your e-mail address—there’s no question to answer or other requirement. I will use your e-mail only to inform you if you are victorious and not for any other purpose. The contests run until the end of November.

You can enter here (for non-subscribers)

or here (for subscribers).

Please spread the word (or not, if you want to have a better chance of winning) and check back at the beginning of December for the announcement of the winners. If you have a question about the giveaway, please contact me directly at sarah.jones{at}rochester.edu.