[Cross-posted with the Blake Archive’s submission to the official Day of DH blog]

My MonDay of Digital Humanities morning tasks at the BATS (Blake Archive Team South) offices included handling the Archive’s email account—as Ashley noted in an earlier post—which usually involves corresponding with users who wish to reproduce Archive images for scholarly and commercial purposes. In addition to catching up with Ashley and Joe Viscomi about upcoming publications and other matters that arose over the weekend, I met with a BATS assistant, Ted Scheinman (photo below), who is currently making Image Production records for the digital images of a recently acquired copy of a Blake illuminated book. The Image Production records contain the metadata (owning institution, date on which the book was digitally photographed, hardware used, original dimensions of each plate of the book, etc.) that will be embedded in each digital image. I proceeded to make a couple IP records for some recently acquired water color drawings of Blake’s. After a final consultation with Ashley regarding the final steps remaining before our upcoming publication of Blake’s letters, I left the WBA offices for the day. But I won’t stay away for long; I’ll return first thing tomorrow.

Joe Fletcher, Assistant Project Manager