The NHPRC (National Historical Publications and Records Commission) just published its October 2010 newsletter. They profile some of the digital archive projects that they’ve funded: Papers of the War Department (at George Mason University), Civic Engagement Collections in Pennsylvania (Historical Society of Pennsylvania), and the Alan Mason Chesney Medical Archives of the Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions.

The goal of the commission is to “promote the preservation and use of America’s documentary heritage essential to understanding our democracy, history, and culture.” They do so, it seems, primarily through their grant program:

Each year, Congress appropriates up to $10 million for grants:

  • in support of the nation’s archives
  • for projects to edit and publish historical records of national importance
  • The NHPRC supports projects to:
  • research and develop means to preserve authentic electronic records
  • assist archives through a network of state partners
  • preserve and make accessible records and archives
  • publish papers documenting America’s founding era
  • publish papers documenting other eras and topics important to an understanding of American history
  • improve professional education for archivists and historical documentary editors

It’s great to see such funding for digital archives!