The William Blake Archive is pleased to announce that it has received a three-year Scholarly Editions and Translations Grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities. The editors and staff are grateful for the support it provides as we pursue several new goals that constitute the  fourth phase of our development:

  • to enhance our user interface with new features and tools;
  • to  move Blake’s unique manuscripts and rare typographical works from early development into our  normal production schedule until we are in a position to publish scholarly editions of The Four Zoas and Blake’s Notebook, two extremely significant, complex, and fragile manuscripts in the British Library;
  • to prepare twenty or more illuminated books and sets of prints, drawings, and paintings for publication;
  • to encode nearly 1000 images (paintings, engravings, drawings) so that they are searchable;
  • to add about 500 new digital images to the 5650 images currently in the Archive;
  • and to encode and incorporate forty years of Blake/An Illustrated Quarterly, the journal of record in Blake studies, into the Archive. (For further information, see our Plan of the Archive.)

As always, the William Blake Archive is a free site, imposing no access restrictions and charging no subscription fees. The site is made possible by the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill with the University of Rochester, the continuing support of the Library of Congress, and the cooperation of the international array of libraries and museums that have generously given us permission to reproduce works from their collections in the Archive.

Morris Eaves, Robert N. Essick, and Joseph Viscomi, editors

Ashley Reed, project manager

William Shaw, technical editor

The William Blake Archive